Electronic Business Card

Although printed business cards are just as important as ever for networking purposes, electronic business cards also provide you with the same benefits and more. Standard business cards, as it may be obvious, are static presentation cards. When you show electronic business cards, the horizon is widened by the amount of additional media that you can include in your card.

Although when one thinks about electronic business card the immediate reaction would be to assume that they are emailed to clients. Current trends, such as QR Codes, allow for much more. QR Codes, Quick Response Bar Codes, or Quick Response Codes allow smart phone users to exchange information through the use of an application. QR codes can be printed directly into a business card, thus allowing prospects to scan the code and receive further promotional information with regards to the business card. Since QR Codes redirect the user to a website, within the website, a substantial amount of information can be placed to make sure that the sale happens.

YPrinIt.com’s application, unlike traditional QR Codes, allow for electronic business cards to be seen immediately using the business card QR Code. So the user won’t be redirected to a website to see further information, but rather see the image of the business card immediately. This is quite useful to cut down on the amount of paper and ink implemented on substantial amounts of business cards that inevitable end up in the trash. So yprintit.com is an application that was created by 4over4.com, an online printing company, with green printing initiatives in mind.


The YPrintIt app is a very powerful yet simple application to use. Simply install the app, create your cards, and share them with other people. You can also receive cards through your mobile device.


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