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To get a Free QR Code you simply need to have a url, a phone number, or a short text for your recipients to see. Once you’ve consolidated the information you want to include in your free QR Code, simply add those into a QR Code Generator and you’ll have a rendered QR Code with the desired information. QR Codes are simply 2D bar codes in the form of a matrix. The fact that these codes are composed in a matrix implies that they can be used to store so much more than regular old 1d bar codes that you would find at any supermarket. When you generate a free QR Code, it will, as you might come to see, be unintelligible - but by using a QR code reader you’ll be able to see the information that’s embedded into the code.

QR Codes were originally created by Denso-Wave, a Toyota subsidiary, to quickly decode the contents at high speeds; hence, Quick Response Codes. Today, these QR Codes have so many applications that it will be no surprise that you’ve seen them floating around billboards, posters, magazines, business cards, and even online. is an application designed for QR Codes. It allows you to create your own personalized business card, and with the information you’ve entered into your business card, a QR Code is rendered automatically. The beauty behind the application is that, once someone scans this code they will immediately see the virtual business card that was embedded into the free QR Code. QR Codes provide a new way for you to engage on your prospects because you can extend your promotional information in a snap.


The YPrintIt app is a very powerful yet simple application to use. Simply install the app, create your cards, and share them with other people. You can also receive cards through your mobile device.


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