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Download our App through the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace. When you’ve got it on your mobile device, enter your information to create an account. If you’ve already signed up through our website, just enter your email and password and log into your account. That’s it- you’re good to go! Start creating your virtual business cards and a unique QR code will be generated for you! Create as many cards as you’d like or need- try out different designs, and maximize the impact you create with your QR Business Card.


The YPrintIt app is a very powerful yet simple application to use. Simply install the app, create your cards, and share them with other people. You can also receive cards through your mobile device.


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The YPrintIt service offers hundreds of customizable templates, covering numerous categories in both the social and business world. We try to offer something for everyone.


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If you are not familiar with the YPrintIt application for mobile devices and the web, here are some reasons to join our family.