QR Code Business Card

A QR Code Business Card offers so many more possibilities than a regular business card. You can store information within your code that may allow users to extend your networking experience. Generally speaking, anyone will gladly receive your business card; but the true challenge comes with the recipient actually seeking further information. Unfortunately, if you did not make a good initial pitch, your prospect easily turns to a regular ol’ joe.

With a QR Code Business Card, if a prospect is not attracted to your pitch, he or she may still wander off to your web page because it is so easily accessible. Furthermore, since QR codes are the thing of the moment, they will most definitely try it out because it is such a novelty for the time being. YPrintIt.com is an application that focuses on QR Code Business Cards. It allows you to create an electronic business card, generate a QR Code, and when you let prospects scan the code they will automatically see the virtual business card that you’ve designed. Another plus is that every time you update your information, whether it’s your phone number, address, or email; all the people who have scanned your QR code on a previous occasion will also receive the update immediately. There is no need to notify your clients through an email that you have changed the location of your business, or your phone number; they will automatically know if you update your QR Code Business Card through this application.


The YPrintIt app is a very powerful yet simple application to use. Simply install the app, create your cards, and share them with other people. You can also receive cards through your mobile device.


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