The YPrintIt service was established with a very simple goal - to promote green technologies

as they apply to the printing process. The idea is to simply try and replace products that are

usually printed with their electronic equivalent.


As a first step towards this goal, we introduced our first product - the QR Card

(Quick Response Card). The QR Card is meant to hopefully reduce and some day

eliminate the need for printed business cards. As you will see by exploring our

site, an electronic card offers many advantages over a printed card. These

advantages do not exist only for the person handing out this card, but also to the

person receiving it, and to the environment.


So next time, don't pass out a business card, pass out a QR Card.

Next time don't ask for a business card, ask for a QR Card.


The YPrintIt app is a very powerful yet simple application to use. Simply install the app, create your cards, and share them with other people. You can also receive cards through your mobile device.


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The YPrintIt service offers hundreds of customizable templates, covering numerous categories in both the social and business world. We try to offer something for everyone.


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